Dispatches: Children of Gaza/ Returning to Iraq Burin

Posted: March 26, 2012 in The Films


Dispatches: Children of Gaza

Focusing on the lives of a small group of children living in Gaza, Dispatches, illustrates the implications of Israel’s occupation of Palestine on its youngest population. Many of the children have lost their parents, family members, and friends to fatal air raids. The film shows these children have struggled physically and psychologically with the militarization of their home. Dispatches is an award winning investigative current affairs program produced by the United Kingdom’s Channel 4.

Returning to Iraq Burin: Palestinian Families Remembered

Ethnographers Michael Kennedy and Menn Khalil will be presenting their documentation of the impact of the murders on three Palestinian youths in the West Bank village of Burin. Michael, a professional photographer and PhD student at Columbia University, has documented the village’s response to the killings with photographs and film. Menna conducted extensive interviews with the village leaders and families of the dead teenagers. In their introductory talk, Michael and Menna will address the challenges of documenting human relationships of those living under military occupation and experiencing severe trauma.


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